One Voice sues man for sexual acts with dogs in France

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Bernese mountain dog, photo: Canva

French animal welfare organization One Voice on Thursday reported a 24-year-old man for sexual acts with dogs. They were alarmed by a whistleblower about the man and the existence of a forum where people share pornographic videos of bestiality.

According to One Voice, people trusted the man to care for their dogs, not knowing the animals were being used for sexual acts. In videos seen by One Voice, the man wore a mask while encountering in sexual acts with dogs, mostly Border collies, Bernese mountain dogs and German shepherds.

“In one of them, he stages himself with a Bernese mountain dog, his face hidden behind a dog mask. In another, filmed in close-up, he shows his sexual parts and those of the dog in action. The images sent by this man are absolutely sickening. Degrading. For dogs and female dogs. And his comments even more, if that is possible,” One Voice said in a statement.

One Voice filed a complaint at the Bourges court for acts of zoophilia and asked for the man to receive psychiatric care and a lifetime ban on owning animals.

“The animal abuser, in his twenties, appears to lead a peaceful and orderly life on the surface. He has a job, diplomas, and expresses himself clearly. A life that contrasts with the animal pornographic videos sent,” One Voice said.

The animal welfare organization said that their investigators and lawyers had never seen such scenes of sexual abuse on animals. One Voice is also collecting evidence to shut down the forum they found where people openly speak about their sexual animal desires and share videos.

“We will do everything we can to shut it down! Animals cannot, by definition, consent to such acts,” One Voice said.

According to the animal rights organization Animal Cross, zoophilia is a big but unknown problem in France: 1.5 million animal pornographic films are watched each month.

Since 2020, Animal Cross has been asking for a law that strongly penalizes rape and sexual assault on animals, and also the viewing of animal pornographic videos.

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