Bullfighting temporarily banned in the world’s largest ring in Mexico

Bull bleeding from being stabbed by man, animal news
Bullfighting in Colombia, photo: Reuters

A Mexican judge ordered a temporary suspension of bullfighting in the world’s largest bullring. Plaza de Toros in Mexico City “must immediately suspend bullfighting shows… as well as the granting of permits,” the Mexican federal court ruled on Friday.

The group Justicia Justa had filed a lawsuit against bullfighting. It is the first time that a court has ordered a bullfighting suspension in Plaza de Toros with a capacity of 50,000. On Thursday, another hearing will be held where both parties will argue their positions and discuss the next scheduled event at Plaza de Toros on July 2.

In December, an animal welfare commission in Mexico City approved a proposal to forbid bullfighting in the capital. Lawmakers still have to vote on the plan, which angered bullfighting supporters and the multimillion-dollar industry surrounding it.

So far, only a few of Mexico’s 32 states have banned bullfighting.

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