Dog brutally beaten in India, unknown if animal is alive

Brown stray dog, animal news
Stray dog, photo: Daniele Franchi on Unsplash

A video of a group of men brutally beating a stray dog in a village in Uttar Pradesh in India is causing online outage. The dog is missing; it’s not known if the dog is still alive.

Mawana police have registered a First Information Report (FIR), Meet Ashar, a lawyer and animal rights activist in India, said.

Animal activist Jyotii posted the story on Sunday on Instagram. She said a child in Mawana village was constantly bothering the dog by putting food in front of him and taking it away before the animal could eat.

She was playing with the mentality of a hungry dog, Jyotii wrote. “One day, she kept bread in the same process in front of the dog and then suddenly she tried to pick it up, but the dog lunged because he was hungry. The child got a slight scratch on her thumb.”

Jyoti said that her father beat the dog with a stick, and after that, whenever the dog would see the man, he would jump at him out of fear.

Then one day, the man tied the dog up and beat him brutally. The dog was then put in a bag and taken away, or “the man killed the dog”, Jyotii said.

Animal activists and organizations are trying to get the man and his friend arrested and find the dog, who hasn’t been seen since the video started to circulate on social media.

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