Animal News Roundup: Bear in Ukraine, Fur Free, horse abused in NY

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Horse, photo: Marko Blažević on Unsplash

Bear reaches for Russian soldier
The Russian army organised a media trip on Wednesday in Mariupol in Ukriane. News agency AFP shared a picture of a bear at Mariupol zoo reaching out through his cage for the hand of a soldier.

The zoo has lost animals, including monkeys and a leopard, since the Russia-Ukraine war started. The bear is kept in a cage on a concrete floor at the zoo.

Fur Free Europe
Animal protection lobby group Eurogroup for Animals launched the European Citizens’ Initiative “Fur Free Europe” on Wednesday. It calls on the EU to ban fur farms and ban farmed fur products from the European market.

The goal is to reach 1 million validated signatures, so the European Commission must respond and take action. Within one day, Eurogroup for Animals has already collected over 50,000 signatures.

Trade in research monkeys
Egypt Air transported 576 long tailed macaques from Cambodia to the United States, according to animal welfare organization Action for Primates. The animals will remain in captivity and used for cruel laboratory tests.

Action for Primates said the animals, who landed in Wednesday, will be taken to pharmaceutical company Charles River Laboratories in Massachusetts. The company has been accused of animal cruelty on different occasions.

Horse beaten in New York
Bystanders screamed as two men were pulling and hitting a carriage horse to get him to stand up in New York. “Witnesses say this collapsed carriage horse was screaming out in distress as carriage drivers kicked, pulled the tail and hurt the horse further,” animal rights organization NYCLASS said.

In 2022, New York still offers carriage horse rides. “How is this this legal? Get horses out of NYC,” film director Jake Wilson said.

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