Dead zoo animals found in garbage bags in Cyprus

Wooden sign with zoo written in white with blue sky, animal news
Sign above entrance of zoo, photo: Filo via Canva

Police are investigating Limassol Zoo in Cyprus after remains of animals from the zoo were found in garbage bags dumped at a landfill, the Animal Party Cyprus (APC) said Monday.

A citizen had informed the APC that dead animals had been thrown at the Vati area in Limassol province, the party said on Facebook.

APC said they found remains of owls, kangaroos and a wallaby from the zoo at the garbage dump. “The dumping of innocent dead animals from Limassol Zoo in the garbage is a great scandal,” APC said.

“It’s not enough that you [the zoo] have them trapped in cages with endless sadness, you leave them without expected care, they die, and the worst thing is that you throw them away as disposable objects,” APC added.

Limassol municipality has said it has ordered a “full, thorough, objective and transparent investigation of all aspects and possible liability”. APC also asked for information from the Limassol zoo head veterinarian, asking them to explain how these animals died.

The party said that such incidents happened in the past as well, citing the death of Julie, an elephant at Limassol zoo, whose carcass was also dumped at the Vati landfill.

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