Rescued turtle entangled in fishing gear died when returned to sea in Spain

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Leatherback sea turtle, photo: Agami via Canva

A leatherback sea turtle who was found entangled in fishing lines and injured by blows from boats a week ago died on Monday, aquarium Oceanogràfic València said on its Facebook page.

The turtle was rescued in the port of Mazarron in the Murcia region in Spain. She had severe injuries to her fins and shell from being entangled in fishing gear.

The animal was taken to Oceanogràfic València, where veterinarians treated her injuries. The aquarium said that the sea turtle’s health had improved, and they felt comfortable transferring her back to sea on Monday.

“The veterinary staff of the Oceanografic has treated the animal in the aquarium facilities and, although her condition is very delicate, will try to return her to the sea,” Oceanogràfic València said. The 230-kilogram animal died at sea.

“The animal has not reacted according to what was expected when being returned to the sea yesterday in Cartagena,” the aquarium said. An autopsy will be carried out to determine the exact cause of the turtle’s death.

It was the first time the aquarium had rescued such a turtle, and added that the “rescue work has been very complex due to her size and the injuries she had.”

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