Three million chickens starving at huge factory in Ukraine

Many white chickens in a barn, animal news
Chicken farm, photo: Alfribeiro via Canva

Three million chickens at the huge chicken factory Chornobayivska in Kherson in Ukraine have not been fed for days, the mayor of Kherson, Ihor Kolykhaiev, said on Facebook on Saturday.

Parts of the city, which Russia has invaded, have no electricity, and the machines that feed the chickens are not working. The company that can fix the electricity can’t get to the chicken factory because roads are blocked, which means the animals will starve to death, the mayor said.

“There is trouble with the poultry factory. There won’t be any chicken slaughtering there – there is no such possibility, people,” Kolykhaiev said. “What they can – they give away, but people and nearby organizations cannot take a lot [of chickens]”.

“There are about 3 million birds there. Without all this [electricity], the factory [animals] will die and leave an environmental disaster behind,” he added about the factory owned by Ukrainians largest agricultural company Ukrlandfarming.

The mayor didn’t mention if it’s possible to release the chickens; the animals still remain stuck in the factory without food.

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