Six lions and six tigers evacuated from Ukraine to Poland

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Lions evacuated from Ukraine arrive at Poznan Zoo in Poland, March 4, 2022, photo: Piotr Skornicki/Agencja via Reuters

Six lions, six tigers, two caracals and an African wild dog arrived at Poznan zoo in Poland on Thursday. They were evacuated from wildlife rescue center Wild Animal Rescue near Kyiv in Ukraine.

A Ukrainian truck drove the animals nearly 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) to the Polish border, spokeswoman for the zoo, Malgorzata Chodyla, said. At the border, the animals were transferred to a Polish truck and taken to Poznan zoo.

Zoo director Ewa Zgrabczynska said she is in contact with several western organisations that want to take in the animals. A Belgian sanctuary has already said it will take in the lions and the African wild dog.

“The animals were exhausted, very hungry and very thirsty. We are very grateful to the Ukrainian heroes who brought these animals to us,” Chodyla said.

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