Icahn nominates members to McDonald’s board to fight pig abuse

Farm pigs separates by crates standing to eat, animal news
Pigs at a farm, photo: songqiuju via Canva

Fast-food company McDonald’s said on Sunday that billionaire investor Carl Icahn has nominated two members to its board of directors to improve the cruel treatment of pigs used for McDonald’s products.

Icahn, who said that he holds 200 shares in the company, has nominated Maisie Ganzler and Leslie Samuelrich to stand for election at the 2022 annual meeting, the company said in a statement.

“I really do feel emotional about these animals and the unnecessary suffering,” the investor said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Icahn said McDonald’s promised to only buy pig products from farmers who don’t keep their pregnant animals in tiny crates by 2022. Behind the scenes, Icahn pushed for the change, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month.

McDonald’s said that such a commitment would be impossible given the current supply and moved the date to the end of 2024. But Icahn has already said he’s not accepting McDonald’s unkept promise and will take steps to make them change immediately.

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