Animal News on Social Media: Horses pulling carriages, piglet survives fire

Sick horse with wounds on his back from pulling carriages, photo: PETA India
Sick horse with wounds on his back from pulling carriages, photo: PETA India

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India inspected horses in Kolkata who are forced to carry carriages. All horses in the area were too skinny with wounds on their bodies. “They are starved, denied water and veterinary care,” PETA said.

PETA investigators saw wounded, emaciated, and sick horses, who were struggling to pull heavy carriages full of passengers.

When horses have difficulty pulling carriages, they’re often whipped and beaten, and forced to continue. They work in extreme heat all day and go for long periods without food or water.

Horses are abandoned and left to die when they are no use to their owners anymore.

Piglet survives fire
Piglet Frodo barely survived a fire in South Africa. His piggery burnt down in the Grabouw fires on Saturday. “Strong painkillers are keeping him pain free,” Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary said.

Elephant scared by car
A person tried to scare away an elephant in Sri Lanka by driving his car close to the animal, shining bright lights in his eyes. Even as the elephant steps back, the car keeps chasing him. The person then posted the video on the social media platform TikTok for likes.

“Not the first time this has happened in Sri Lanka….let the animals live peacefully,” Sri Lankan cricketer Mahela Jayawardena said.

Girl protects dog
A video of a little girl comforting a dog during fireworks by covering his ears has gone viral. The girl notices that the dog is scared and tries to protect him.

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