Sea eagle dies after collision with windmill in the Netherlands

Brown and white eagle flying, animal news
Sea eagle, photo: Knyva via Canva

A sea eagle died after colliding with a windmill in the Netherlands. The white-tailed eagle was carrying a GPS tracker, so researchers knew exactly where to find the animal, the Dutch nature website Nature Today reported on Wednesday.

The body of the young eagle was found in a field near the windmill. The animal was hit by a rotor blade of a wind turbine. According to Nature Today, he didn’t die immediately but tried to move for about an hour.

After that, the GPS sensor stopped detecting movement and his body temperature dropped quickly.

Fifteen young sea eagles have been tagged with GPS trackers in the Netherlands. Three of those have died. Last year, another one died after colliding with a wind turbine. That same year, a sea eagle died from a collision with a train.

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