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Calves separated from their mother, photo: erdinhasdemir via Canva

Animal welfare organizations and activists all over the world honored British animal rights campaigner Jill Phipps who was crushed to death under a lorry on February 1, 1995, during a protest against live animal transport. The 31-year-old Phipps was demonstrating with others against the export of calves by air from Coventry Airport in the middle of England to Amsterdam.

“Before there was a Save Movement, there was the Live Export campaigns in the UK. And before most of us, there was Jill Phipps, who died tragically 27 years ago today, trying to stop a live export truck,” animal rights activist Jake Conroy said.

Calves from Ireland to the Netherlands
Animal welfare organization Ethical Farming Ireland filmed at Rosslare port in Ireland where a truck with calves less than four weeks old was driving towards a ferry of Swedish shipping company Stena Line.

Ethical Farming Ireland said part of the animals end up in veal farms in the Netherlands, and others go to Spain and “end up getting shipped off to who knows where.” Stena Line continues to facilitate this inhumane trade, the organization said.

Monkeys in horror flights
Animal welfare organizations Action for Primates, One Voice, and Stop Camarles want Spanish airline Wamos Air to stop transporting monkeys to laboratories.

Thousands of long-tailed macaques have been transported by Wamos Air from Cambodia to the United States, a horror journey and destination for the animals, Action for Primates said.

Elephants killed by trains
Voice for Asian Elephant Society (VFAES) announced that railway authorities in West Bengal in India will use a technology called EleSense to prevent elephants deaths on tracks.

“We can implement this invention that will alert both elephants and train drivers with flashing lights and sound,” VFAES said. Almost 190 elephants were killed by trains in the last ten years in India, The Hindu reported.

Cruel tourist attractions
World Animal Protection reminds its audience of cruel tourist attractions, which include riding elephants, taking tiger selfies, performing dolphins, dancing monkeys, and holding sea turtles.

Sunny Days
Freedom Farm sanctuary in Israel shared pictures of their happy animals on a sunny day.

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