South African zebras die in safari park in Bangladesh

Two zebras photographed from the back in the wild, animal news
Zebras in South Africa, photo: Valentina Delille via Canva

Bangladesh is investigating the mysterious deaths of eleven South African zebras and a Bengal tiger at Bangabandhu Safari park.

Park chief Mohammad Jahidul Kabir said five zebras died from bacterial infections, and four others died from fighting each other. The tiger died on January 12, and park authorities kept his death hidden for weeks.

Last week, a local lawmaker visited the park and requested authorities to investigate the sudden deaths. “We’ve visited the safari park to probe the deaths. We are trying to find the clues,” Sanjay Kumar Bhowmik, leading the government investigation, told news agency AFP.

The safari park imported ten zebras from South Africa in 2012, and their number grew to 31. There are now 20 zebras left at the park.

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