Luxury brand Moncler to give up fur by 2024

Grey mink biting cage bars at a fur farm, animal news
Mink biting cage bars at a fur farm, credit: Jo-Anne McArthur / #MakeFurHistory

Italian luxury brand Moncler announced on Tuesday it would stop using fur by 2024. The company said it would still use fur until its fall/winter 2023 collection.

“We are very satisfied with the responsible decision taken by Moncler,” Simone Pavesi from the Italian animal rights association LAV said in a statement. “We have always fought against the exploitation of animals in all fashion.”

LAV said that Moncler is committed to removing fur obtained from animals bred in captivity or captured in the wild.

Moncler joins a growing list of luxury brands, like Saint Laurent, Neiman Marcus, Chanel, Armani and Gucci, that are committed to excluding animal fur from their collections.

“This decision is consistent with Moncler’s ongoing commitment to responsible business practices,” Moncler said in a statement.

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