Greater one-horned rhino found dead in ditch in Nepal

People look at the dead rhino stuck in ditch
One-horned rhino found dead in ditch, Nepal, January 23, 2022, photo: Reuters/Anil Dhakal

A greater one-horned rhino died after falling into a ditch near a highway construction in Nepal. The animal fell into the ditch and got stuck near Chitwan National Park. She was found dead on Sunday.

The park has launched an investigation into the case. The rhino probably came from the Barandabhar forest, an area inside the national park that is the biggest natural habitat of one-horned rhinos in Nepal.

Local media reported that the rhinoceros was a 10-year-old female. People criticized the carelessness of the authorities responsible for the construction site near a place with wildlife.

“The death of a rhinoceros in a road ditch while making a road in a place where animals are moving is the extreme negligence of the construction management,” Berindra Johari, who lives in Nepal, said on Twitter.

There are 752 one-horned rhinos in Nepal; 694 live in Chitwan. The International Union for Conservation of Nature classified one-horned rhinos as vulnerable.

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