Almost 6000 ducks killed after bird flu outbreak in Bulgaria

Yellow baby ducks close to each other on a farm
Baby ducks, photo: Cole Keister on Unsplash

After detecting bird flu at an industrial duck farm in Bulgaria, veterinary authorities said on Wednesday that more than 5,800 ducks will be killed.

The virus was discovered at a farm in the southern village of Zalti Bryag. This is the fifth industrial farm hit by bird flu in the south of Bulgaria since December.

At the beginning of January, Bulgarian veterinary authorities killed 39,000 chickens after bird flu was detected at two industrial farms in the southern village of Krivo Pole.

Bird flu has been spreading in Europe and Asia. Last year, governments worldwide killed over 50 million chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks and farm birds after bird flu outbreaks.

“In the long term, we have to realize that the intensive way of raising animals, with a huge number of animals huddled together in one spot, is no longer sustainable for many reasons,” virologist Thijs Kuiken of Erasmus University Rotterdam said.

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