Almost fifty pigs killed in truck crash in the Netherlands

Two pigs looking up from a fence, animal news
Pigs, photo: Kenneth Schipper Vera on Unsplash

A truck carrying 182 pigs crashed on a highway in the Netherlands, killing 47 pigs, Dutch media reported on Wednesday. A veterinarian examined the animals after the crash and euthanized the ones who were severely injured.

After the truck overturned near Eindhoven, some animals tried to escape, but they were caught and taken away with another truck.

Pigs, chickens and cows are transported in crowded trucks daily between farms and slaughterhouses in the Netherlands, Dutch animal rights organization Animal Rights said on Twitter, calling it a “lively trade”.

“Even more misery for these poor animals, which is still separate from what awaits at the ‘final destination’,” animal welfare organization Varkens in Nood said.

The driver of the truck had “no injuries,” police said. It is not known what caused the truck to overturn.

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