White-tailed deer test positive for COVID-19 in Canada

White-tailed deer, photo: Ian Jarvie via Canva

Coronavirus has been found in three white-tailed deer in Canada for the first time. The samples from the deer in the Estrie region of Quebec were collected in early November, the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease (NCFAD) said.

In August, wild white-tailed deer in the United States contracted COVID-19. “Similar to findings in the United States, the deer showed no evidence of clinical signs of disease, and were all apparently healthy,” the NCFAD said in a statement late Wednesday.

Authorities urged humans to wear masks around deer while they continue to monitor and assess the potential consequences of the coronavirus on Canadian wildlife.

The coronavirus has infected multiple animals globally, including mink at farms, pets such as cats and dogs, and zoo animals, like the hippos Imani and Hermien at Antwerp Zoo.

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