Queen’s Brian May urges COP26 action with animated ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ video

Animal welfare organization Save me Trust, founded by Queen guitarist Brian May, has called on world leaders to take action at the UN climate conference COP 26 with an animated video about the threats animals, humans, and the planet are facing.

Soundtracked to the Queen song “Who Wants To Live Forever”, the video was a collaboration of students worldwide.

It shows different scenes from all over the world, including hunting foxes in Europe, killing bees with pesticides, rhino poaching in Africa, oil spillages in North America, sea animals with plastic around their neck, deforestation, kangaroos and koalas dying in wildfires in Australia and whale hunting in Asia.

“We started working practically just as the world fell under the coronavirus curse. All the students were at home, and we had several calls,” videomaker and screenwriter Matteo Valenti, who directed the project, said in a statement.

“The guys and the teachers were great. They put a lot of effort into it, and the result is very professional. I could see how the topic was really felt by these guys,” Valenti said.

The video ends with the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Save me Trust was founded by May and Anne Brummer to work on issues like climate change and deforestation that affect wild animals.

In the past, May said he’d want to be remembered for saving animals: “When I’m gone, people will no doubt remember for Queen, but I would rather be remembered for attempting to change the way we treat our fellow creatures.”

The COP26 conference, which started on Monday in Glasgow, is seen as a make-or-break chance to save the planet from the effects of climate change.

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