Namibia suspends chicken products from Germany and Netherlands

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Chicken farm, photo: Alfribeiro via Canva

Namibia suspended imports of chickens, duck, turkey, ostrich and geese products from Germany and the Netherlands on Monday after outbreaks of the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu in both countries.

Last week, Germany reported a bird flu outbreak at a goose farm. Two days ago, the Netherlands killed 107 thousand baby chickens after a few animals tested positive for avian influenza.

Namibia’s veterinary services directorate said it had suspended the import and in-transit movement of live and dead chickens, ducks, turkeys, ostriches and geese from the two countries with immediate effect.

Farm bird products that entered the country from the beginning of October from Germany and the Netherlands would be returned or destroyed.

Avian influenza usually only affects farm and wild birds, but humans can get infected too. A recent rise in human bird flu infections in China has experts worried.

Outbreaks among farm birds worldwide have resulted in mass-murdering birds to contain the spread.

Animal welfare organizations have long advised governments to reconsider the animal agriculture industry not only for animal welfare reasons but also to protect humans from potential new pandemics.

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