Czech Republic kills 5000 geese after bird flu outbreak

White geese around a tree
Goose farm, photo: Sean824 via Canva

The Czech Republic reported an outbreak of bird flu of the H5N1 type at a commercial bird farm in Rohozna, 130 kilometres (81 miles) from the capital Prague, the State Veterinary Administration said on Thursday.

Nearly 5,000 birds, mainly geese, will be killed at the farm, the administration said.

In September, there was a bird flu outbreak at another farm in the country. Around thirty geese were killed after five geese had been found dead from the disease.

Avian influenza usually only affects birds, but there are more and more reported cases in humans, especially in China.

Countries in Europe, Asia and Africa have been struggling with bird flu outbreaks. So far, the only solution governments have when bird flu is detected is killing all animals.

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