Johnson suggests feeding people to animals to rebalance nature (VIDEO)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson jokingly suggested feeding humans to animals to rebalance nature on Monday during a news conference with children on climate change.

Johnson’s comment came in response to a child’s question about rewilding nature. Tanya Steele, chief executive of WWF UK, said: “Ninety-seven percent of the mass of mammals on this planet is humans and our domestic animals – just three percent is left for the wild. So how do we start to rebalance it?”

“We could feed some of the human beings to the animals. Couldn’t we?” Johnson said jokingly. “We could have a vote later and ask if there are any candidates,” Steele responded.

Johnson discussed possible solutions for climate change, and blamed big corporations like Coca Cola for producing most of the plastic in the world.

Johnson held the news conference as Britain gets ready to host the United Nations COP26 global climate conference in Glasgow, which begins on Sunday. He calls the meeting one of the last major chances to slow rising temperatures.

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  1. Sophie: “C’est une idée absolument choquante et inhumaine. Les êtres humains ne
    devraient jamais être traités comme du bétail. C’est une proposition
    complètement inacceptable.”

  2. Is that before or after the covid culling Boris? Besides which animal would accept to eat any human today loaded with forever chemicals, antibiotics and steroids injected into farmed animals of which we eat, ocean fish we consume tainted with lead and mercury poisoning, pesticides and poisons that drain into our soils and into our food supplies, large doses of microplastics already part of our cellular structures, mining effluents of harsh chemical concoctions to mine rare earth elements to make all the gizmos of cell phones and electric cars etc that end up in our water and food chains etc etc etc – would you eat such a tasty healthy human?? And note I never even added covid mutates 😂. Dust to dust , er, mother earth already chokes on man made poisons …… How about get rid of technology, space games and gizmos and allow earth to recover naturally by respect for earth by granting earth Habeas Corpus world wide? Balanced earth = balanced environments and balanced circles of life for ALL life forms on earth. Or shall we be left to die laughing as we are next in line for species extinction. AI competes for energy and AI is winning…..


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