Dogs, cats and rabbits blessed in Peru

Two white dogs with black pickles look into the camera sitting on their owner's lap
Dogs before getting blessed during Saint Francis of Assisi festivities outside the San Francisco church, Lima, Peru October 10, 2021, photo: Reuters/Angela Ponce

Dogs, cats and rabbits were blessed on Sunday during a special mass at the Saint Francis Monastery in Lima, Peru.

The annual “Blessing of the Animals” mass honours Saint Francis of Assisi, whose deep love for God translated to loving all God’s creatures, humans and animals.

He was born in 1182 in Italy and was known for his love for nature and animals. He was later named the Catholic Church’s patron saint of animals and ecology.

Dozens of owners gathered outside the monastery with their dogs, cats and even rabbits.

“I’m very excited because he’s a part of my family. Like the writer Rosa Montero used to say – I can’t conceive life without dogs. He’s a part of my family, and he’s helping me overcome the pandemic,” Magaly Rojas, proud dog owner, told Reuters.

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