Cows and calves die in wildfires Argentina

Burnt cow lied in wires with her calf next to her, it looks like they tired to escape
A cow and calf lie died in the fire, Argentina October 7, 2021, photo: Reuters/Charly Soto

Cows, their calves and other farm animals died in the wildfires last week in the province of Cordoba in Argentina.

Firefighters managed to control some of the fire hotspots on Thursday, although winds made their task more difficult, according to local media.

Until Wednesday, fires had destroyed more than 30,000 hectares of land. Local farmers saw their animals die in the fires and their land go up in flames.

Authorities say it’s one of the biggest wildfires Cordoba province has so far seen this year. Argentina and surrounding countries have had months of severe drought causing the wildfires.

Cordoba is not the only region in Argentina that has been fighting fires. The National Fire Management Service reported wildfires in La Rioja and Entre Rios provinces as well.

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