Animal rights activists march in London to call for end of animal abuse

People standing and sitting with card boards with animal rights quotes on them
Animal rights activists at London mach, credit: Andrea Domeniconi, Animal Rebellion

Animal rights activists marched in London Saturday to protest against animal agriculture, the fish industry and animal testing.

The National Animal Rights March started at London’s Smithfield Market, the largest wholesale meat market in the United Kingdom (UK). The protestors stopped at the offices of major food and agricultural organisations like Unilever and Cargill.

At the Marine Stewardship Council, the protestors held a sit-in and a moment of silence for aquatic animals.

The animal and climate justice movement Animal Rebellion organised the protest. They were joined by other animal rights groups including Camp Beagle, a group calling for the release of beagle dogs used for laboratory testing. The beagles are bred at MBR Acres in Cambridgeshire in England.

“Humans kill over 70 billion land mammals every single year. We drain the oceans of trillions of fish, all in the name of profit and a meal for us to consume,” Harley McDonald-Eckersall, a spokesperson from Animal Rebellion, said in a statement.

“After decades of deception and lies from massive corporations, there is almost no facet of our life that does not profit from the exploitation of animals in some way,” she said.

“We must come together and unite for animal justice to say no more to testing, no more to the fur trade and no more to slaughter. We need to imagine and create a world based on freedom and justice for all animals,” Harley added.

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