More than six hundred pigs suffocate after ventilation failure in Dutch stable

Farm pigs separates by crates standing to eat, animal news
Pigs at a farm, photo: songqiuju via Canva

Hundreds of dead pigs were found Tuesday morning in a stable in the village of Melderslo in the Netherlands. The ventilation system of the barn broke, causing the animals to suffocate, according to local media.

Seven hundred pigs were kept in the barn; only thirty animals survived.

An air washer is used in closed farms where pigs don’t have access to fresh air. The machine reduces the concentration of ammonia and smell in the air; it’s also responsible for fresh air in the closed barn.

If an air washer doesn’t work, no fresh air enters a stable and the animals, locked up inside, suffocate.

It’s not clear what caused the air washer to fail.

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