Sumatran tigers Tino and Hari recovered from COVID-19 at Indonesian zoo

Orange tiger with black stripes sleeping on his side
A sleeping Sumatran tiger, Photo by Sam on Unsplash

Two Sumatran tigers have recovered from COVID-19 at Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta after getting infected in mid-July, Indonesian officials said Sunday.

Nine-year-old Tino and 12-year-old Hari tested positive for coronavirus after they experienced flu-like symptoms, trouble breathing and appetite loss.

The tigers went through 10 to 12 days of treatment and have been recovering in isolation cages.

“Both animals are healthy now,” Suzi Marsitawati, head of Jakarta’s Parks and Forest Service, said in a statement. “Their appetite has returned to normal, and they are active again.”

But the zoo doesn’t know how the animals got infected. “We are still trying to find the source,” Marsitawati said.

“We traced all the nurses and zookeepers (in contact with the tigers), and at the time they (the tigers) were sick, nobody was infected with COVID-19,” she added.

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