Millions of animals died in floods after extreme rainfall in China

The massive flooding in China’s Henan province, known for its pig and chicken farms, has killed millions of animals.

“Most of the pigs have drowned. Only very few survived. They are still soaked in water. We can’t do much about it. There is no other place to move them to,” the 47-year-old pig farmer Cheng from Wangfan village told Reuters.

More than 100 of Cheng’s pigs drowned in floods that paralysed China’s central Henan province last week. The area was struck by heavy rains that sparked the worst flooding.

“There have never been such big floods. Nobody has seen so much water. The water level was as high as here, nearly 1.5 metres deep,” Cheng said.

More than a million animals died, and 1,678 large animal farms were affected, official media said.

The dead farm animals have bloated and now float in the water. People tied the dead bodies to trees to stop them from floating away and moved crates of drowned chickens.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs gave local governments guidelines on preventing animal diseases after flooding.

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