‘Gump, the dog that taught people how to live’ premieres in Czechia

Brown dog actor on the red carpet
Dog actor Punk at the premiere of Gump, credit: Reuters/Jiri Skacel

Dogs walked the red carpet at the film premiere of ‘Gump – the dog that taught people to live’ on Wednesday in Czechia. The movie is based on a book about rescued dogs.

‘Gump – the Dog that Taught People to Live’ appeared as a book in 2019 and follows the journey of Gump and other dogs who were mistreated – told from their perspective.

Author Filip Rozek got the idea for the book with a friend while working at an organisation that rescued dogs.

“During my work for the organisation, I was very emotional. I heard a lot of stories about dog rescue operations. And one day, I decided to start writing them all up,” he said during the premiere.

“This whole project’s aim was to raise awareness for many things and make money for shelters and organisations in need. That is what we wanted,” Rozek said.

In September, a new animal shelter is opening in Velke Popovice, 27 km (17 miles) southeast of Prague, is opening with money raised from the book.

The book was one of the most read books in the country in 2020. The movie was set to premiere at the end of 2020 but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think that passing on emotions, both human and animal emotions, is incredibly important. Emotions always work, it’s just like love,” the movie’s director, F.A. Brabec, said.

“I was excited to try to convey these dog emotions to the screen and to look at the world of dogs through their eyes,” he added.

“I liked the theme a lot. I think we were missing something like this (in the Czech Republic). In American movies, animals often appear as main characters,” actress Patricie Pagacova said.

“What I like most is the (movie’s) message that animals can live their lives much better than us, humans.”

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