50,000 chickens killed in a huge barn fire in England

Hens, photo: Oliinykfoto via Canva
Hens, photo: Oliinykfoto via Canva

In a huge fire in two barns in England, 50,000 hens were burnt alive and died. The fire broke out at a farm in the town of Driffield on Friday.

The barns, next to each other, were each 100 by 20 meters with 25,000 female chickens in them. The animals could not escape the sheds when the fire started.

“The smoke appeared to be in the direction we were travelling, so we drove as close as we could onto Skerne Road, we realised it was a chicken farm,” Driffield resident Barry Hughes told local news media Hull Live.

“The smoke was coming very fast and extremely powerful towards the sky, quite a scary site!” Hughes said.

The fire was out by Saturday afternoon, a spokeswoman for Humberside Fire and Rescue Service told Hull Live. She said the investigation had ended, and they concluded it was an “accidental ignition”.

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