Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus to stop selling fur products by 2023

Black mink babies in a cage
Mink babies at a fur farm cuddle the body of their dead mother, photo: Jo-Anne McArthur on Unsplash

Luxury department store Neiman Marcus Group will stop selling fur products by early 2023, it said on Wednesday. “It is clear the future is fur-free,” Chief Executive Officer Geoffroy van Raemdonck said.

Neiman Marcus sells chinchilla fur coats from Gorski, mink fur from Carolyn Rowan and Oscar de la Rente, fox fur from Zac Posen, sable fur from Maurizio Braschi and other products from brands that still use animal fur.

These animals suffer their whole lives cramped in small cages and are killed solely for fashion.

Luxury clothing brands have for long drawn criticism from animal welfare organizations. Neiman Marcus said it worked with the Humane Society of the United States to exit fur and draft a policy aligned with the Fur Free Alliance guidelines.

The company joins joining a growing list of environmentally conscious retailers and brands adopting cruelty-free fashion.

Last week, Canada Goose Holdings Inc joined other luxury retailers like Versace, Coach, Michael Kors and Gucci to announce that it would stop using fur in its parkas.

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