Escaped LA cow sent to shelter not slaughterhouse, Pico Rivera in talks to save the others

Cows, photo: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
Cows, photo: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

A cow who was able not to get caught by police when he escaped a slaughterhouse in Los Angeles was found on Thursday, grazing in a field.

When the cow was found, American songwriter Diane Warren intervened to rescue the animal. A Pico Rivera municipal official said the cow would be sent to an animal shelter instead of being killed at the slaughterhouse.

The city of Pico Rivera is in discussion with the owners of the slaughterhouse to see if all the escaped cows can go to shelters, the official said.

On Tuesday night, around forty cows escaped from the slaughterhouse through a gate that was left open. They were seen wandering around in the streets of Pico Rivera, looking frightened.

Police shot and killed one of the animals and caught the rest of the cows. They were brought back to the slaughterhouse, where they, if they’re not sent to an animal shelter, will probably be killed.

“These cows looked so frightened as they ran for their lives in Pico Rivera! They risked everything to escape slaughter, but they will all likely still be killed,” animal welfare organization PETA said about the cows.

“Just like us, animals will fight for their lives,” Animal Equality said on Twitter. “A few moments of freedom before certain death,” someone responded.

“If cows figure out how to escape a slaughterhouse, they should win not being slaughtered,” Taco Shark said on Twitter.

Source: AFP

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