Cows escape death for a few hours in Los Angeles

A big cow is sitting with a baby cow next to her
Rescued cows at a sanctuary, photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Around forty cows escaped from a slaughterhouse in California. The animals ran through the streets of Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

The cows were able to break free from the slaughterhouse through a gate that was left open. They were seen wandering around in the streets of Pico Rivera, looking frightened.

Police caught the animals and brought them back to the slaughterhouse, where they probably will be killed. One cow was shot dead on the spot because he knocked over people, according to police.

“He was frantic, and he seemed more scared than anything, which I felt bad for,” a resident said about the cow that was shot dead.

“So sad. They feel fear and pain in the exact same way as the dogs we call family. Please break through your cognitive dissonance and make the connection,” Trevor Kramer responded to the video of the cow being caught.

“Poor cow… watched all the other cow friends get murdered. Ran away because it wants to live- just like every other animal on this planet,” Stacey responded. “They’re intelligent animals who were running for their lives. Wouldn’t you?” Marteena asked.

“Oh of course they’re going to run. They live in a meat packing plant. They’re scheduled to be slaughtered,” someone else said.

“These cows looked so frightened as they ran for their lives in Pico Rivera! They risked everything to escape slaughter, but they will all likely still be killed,” animal welfare organization PETA said about the cows.

“Just like us, animals will fight for their lives,” Animal Equality said on Twitter. “A few moments of freedom before certain death,” someone responded.

“If cows figure out how to escape a slaughterhouse, they should win not being slaughtered,” Taco Shark said on Twitter.

One of the animals might have escaped death as he was still missing by Wednesday morning.

“I am delighted to discover that there was an escape of cows from a slaughterhouse in Pico Rivera. One of the 39 cows is still on the loose and missing!? I don’t know how, but that cow is my hero,” someone said on social media about the missing cow.

“I feel like every few years we get a story about a cow that successfully evades slaughter and goes on to have an adventure and become famous. I hope this one gets a great name,” Madelyn Beck said on Twitter about the missing cow.

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