Endangered black caiman pulled from a river and killed in Bolivia

A black caiman was dragged out of the water and killed with a rope around his neck in Bolivia. The black caiman is an endangered species, so police are investigating who killed the animal, Magin Herrera Lopez, deputy minister for Environment and Water, told Reuters.

In a video made on Sunday (June 13), a few men catch a black caiman with a rope. He’s pulled out of the water by his neck. He is then lifted and driven away, hanging by his neck from a tractor. While the animal is visibly suffering, people are heard laughing.

Humans are hunting the animals for their skins and meat, Lopez said. The black caiman was hunted down and killed in the city of Trinidad in Bolivia. “We have determined that the leather must be somewhere, the meat has probably already been distributed,” Lopez said.

In Bolivia, hunting of the black caiman is illegal, punishable by up to five years in prison.

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