Rare spiny seahorse spotted near the coast of England (VIDEO)

Marine biologists spotted a rare seahorse during a seagrass habitat monitoring dive at Plymouth Sound in England.

The conservation charity Ocean Conservation Trust shared a video of the close encounter with the long-snouted seahorse, also known as a spiny seahorse.

There has been a sharp decline in the seahorse population due to environmental changes and destruction of seagrass habitat, according to Ocean Conservation Trust.

The charity has been restoring seagrass meadows along the South West coastline and raising awareness about the environmental importance of healthy seagrass beds. According to the Ocean Conservation Trust, seagrasses are a vital nursery environment for marine species.  

“After seven years of working in seagrass conservation for the Ocean Conservation Trust, it was humbling to experience this rare seahorse sighting,” Mark Parry, development officer at the Ocean Conservation Trust, said about the video.

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