Hundreds of calves killed in large barn fire in the Netherlands

Calves with tags in their ears, photo: Micah Tindell on Unsplash
Calves with tags in their ears, photo: Micah Tindell on Unsplash

Hundreds of calves were killed Tuesday afternoon in a large barn fire in Elspeet in the Netherlands. Three stables with the baby cows in them were burned out completely.

The fire started in a barn complex at the Oude Hof and quickly spread. The fire brigade could only rescue the animals in four out of the seven barns.

The baby cows were locked up in the barns and couldn’t get out when the fire started. Around 250 calves died, Dutch media reported. 

When the fire broke out, some guests from a nearby camping tried to save the animals, local media reported. A veterinarian is taking care of the injured animals. 

Two weeks ago, thousands of pigs were killed in a huge fire on another farm in the Netherlands.

One million animals died in fires
Holland has a long history of barn fires where many animals were burned alive or suffocated.

Since 2012, almost one million animals died in barn fires in the Netherlands, research from the platform for investigative journalism Ivestico showed.

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