Secrets of the Whales dives deep into the culture of whales

“Well, I think it’s important for us to love and respect these animals because only that which we love and respect will we protect,” director James Cameron said about his four-part documentary Secrets of the Whales.

“So rather than throwing a guilt trip at an audience, let’s draw them in,” the ‘Avatar’ director said, “and that sense of protection and even outrage will emerge from that, but you have to start from a place of understanding.”

Secrets of the Whales dives deep into the culture of whales and took three years to film. Cameron tried to capture their culture, emotion, family and friendship bonds.

“You know, their ability, their intelligence is so comprehensive and is about culture, music, communication, customs, it’s just extraordinary. I had no idea,” actress Sigourney Weaver, who narrated the documentary, said. “I’m so glad that now whoever watches it will get such a specific, intimate experience of these whales.”

The documentary was released on Disney+ on April 22, Earth Day.

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