Calf born with two heads in North Macedonia

A calf with two heads, an extremely rare condition called polycephaly, was born in Lazec, a village in North Macedonia, on Friday. The calf has joined skulls, two pairs of eyes and one pair of ears.

The calf has two mouths and when she sucks milk with one mouth, the other mouth does the same movement.

“Early in the morning, we heard that the cow was about to deliver. When she delivered, we saw the calf was rather extraordinary, with two heads. We immediately called on the veterinarian, he came and said it was a very natural phenomenon. The calf is functioning normally,” farmer Vasko Petrovski told Reuters.

Local media reported that cases of polycephaly are rare, and the calf only has a small chance of long-term survival. “I will keep him as long as he is alive, no matter how long. We will do everything to ensure this,” Petrovski said.

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