Fluffy white cat used to smuggle drugs in Panama prison

Fluffy white cat, photo: chanroro on Unsplash
Fluffy white cat, photo: chanroro on Unsplash

Authorities in Panama caught a fluffy white cat with a pouch full of drugs tied to his body. The cat was stopped on Friday outside the Nueva Esperanza prison in the province of Colon.

The animal had a cloth tied around his neck that contained wrapped packages of white powder and leaves in it. They were likely cocaine, crack and marihuana.

This is not the first time prisoners tried sneaking in drugs using cats. People outside load cats with narcotics and then prisoners try to lure them with food.

The prosecutor of drug cases of Colon opened an investigation into the use of animals for smuggling illegal substances into the Nueva Esperanza Prison.

Panama has around 18,000 inmates in 23 prisons, most of them overcrowded. On previous occasions, authorities have intercepted attempted drug deliveries using pigeons and even drones.

The animal will be taken to a pet adoption center, according to prosecutor Eduardo Rodriguez.

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