Twenty ships with animals stuck at sea near Suez Canal (INTERVIEW)

Between 20 to 26 ships carrying European animals are stuck at sea because of the huge containership blocking the Suez Canal in Egypt, Anja Hazekamp, member of the European Parliament and Party for the Animals, tells The Animal Reader.

Most of the animals on the ship are European; they left from Spain or Romania. The European Union has to guarantee the wellbeing of European animals until they reach their destination, but once the animals leave the ports, there’s no way to check if they’re correctly cared for.

Animals always suffer on ship transport, Hazekamp explains. And when something goes wrong, they suffer even more, like the disaster with the Spanish calves on the Elbeik. The animals were forced to stay on the ship for three months.

When the calves finally entered the port of Cartagena, they were extremely skinny, dehydrated, had skin conditions, wounds, broken horns and tails, ulcers, and some were in such a bad state they could barely open their eyes or respond to stimuli.

Hazekamp is at the port of Cartagena to document how the animals are cared for and how they’re killed, something the Spanish government is acting very suspicious over.

They will not allow anyone to see how they’re killing the animals, which makes Hazekamp very worried for their wellbeing.

All animal welfare organisations that deal with the transport of live animals by sea have documented horrors on ships. They unanimously plea for a ban on transport of live animals by sea, but so far, the EU still allows it.

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