Spanish calves on the Elbeik will be killed (INTERVIEW)

Spain wil kill the 1610 Spanish male calves that are currently on the ship Elbeik at the port of Cartagena, Martina Stephany, director of Farm Animals at Four Paws, tells The Animal Reader. Stephany describes the cruelty she saw when she was at the port last week.

The animals have been on the ship for more than three months. The ship left Spain at the beginning of December, heading for Libya, but was denied access because Libya thought the animals had bluetongue disease.

The Elbeik tried to enter different European ports but was not allowed to dock at any harbor. A few days ago, Spanish authorities ordered the ship to enter the port of Cartagena.

Stephany explains that the port is not made to receive and kill so many animals and that Cartagena tried to avoid the animals coming in.

How the animals will be killed is not known. Spanish authorities haven’t released information on how the animals from the Karim Allah were killed, even though animal welfare organisations asked for that information.

She hopes it will be done in a humane way and for authorities not to give these animals more stress after three months of suffering.

Stephany emphasizes that this is not an isolated incident and it only confirms how much is wrong with transport of live animals: the EU should start sending meat instead of live animals.

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