Human meat for sale during animal rights protest in Barcelona

Humans covered in blood on white trays sold as meat, photo: Reuters/Nacho Doce
Humans covered in blood on white trays sold as meat, photo: Reuters/Nacho Doce

Animals rights campaigners organised a “humans sold as meat” protest in Barcelona on Saturday. Naked protesters were covered in fake blood, lying on white trays under plastic sheeting, replicating animal meat for sale. 

On the plastic sheeting, there were “Human Meat” stickers with a barcode and price on them, just like you would find meat in the supermarket.

“We are fighting against the suffering of animals,” Cristina Ibañez from the Spanish animal welfare organization AnimaNaturalis told Reuters. “For their right to life, they want to live the way this person who is walking wants to live, or just like I want to live.”

“That’s why it’s not fair, and it’s nutritionally unnecessary that we continue to exploit and kill animals just to satisfy our appetite,” Ibañez said.

The protest was staged outside the famous ‘La Boqueria’ market, which has several meat vendors. “You can live without eating meat, and it’s very important to do this because animals suffer a lot throughout the meat production process,” one of the protestors, Andrea, said.

The demonstration was on the same day as MeatOut Day, an event on the first day of spring to promote a vegan lifestyle, originally started in the United States in 1985 to question the consumption of animal products worldwide.

“MeatOut was designed to remind us of animal agriculture’s devastating impact to the animals, our health, and the environment,” they say on their website.

“Theologians have long debated whether there is life after death. For animals on factory farms, there is no life before death.”

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