Northern Cyprus gives hay to stranded ship with 1,800 cows from Spain

Spanish calves on board of Karim Allah, photo: Tallia Shipping Line/Reuters
Spanish calves on board of Karim Allah, photo: Tallia Shipping Line/Reuters

The Togo-flagged ship Elbeik, which left Spain in December with nearly 1,800 cows, has anchored at the Northern Cypriot port of Famagusta on Friday.

Northern Cyprus hasn’t allowed the ship to ‘unload’ the animals but has provided hay for the animals. The animals have been crammed on the Elbeik for two months now.

“We have been inside these vessels. After a few days the animals are already covered in shit, imagine after two months,” Boada told The Animal Reader earlier about the conditions animals live in on these live animal transport ships.

The Elbeik was refused by Libya and Turkey because they thought the animals had bluetongue disease.

Agricultural officials in Northern Cyprus said the Elbeik is expected to depart back to Spain after the process is completed.

Veterinarians did not enter the ship to examine the animals, the officials said.

Another ship that also left Spain in December and was refused by Turkey is back in Spain. The Spanish government will decide what will happen to the animals on the Karim Allah.

They will either be resold and forced to travel to another country again, or they will be immediately slaughtered.

Animal welfare organisations prefer slaughter; the animals gave suffered enough

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