Cher asks France to end the suffering of elephant Dumba

Elephant Dumba is suffering, credit: One Voice
Elephant Dumba is suffering, credit: One Voice

American singer Cher has requested the French environment minister Barbara Pompili to end the suffering of elephant Dumba and let her spend her last years in freedom at the Elephant Haven sanctuary in France.

“As you know, Dumba has been exploited in circuses and movies for over 40 years,” Cher, co-founder of the animal welfare foundation Free The Wild, said in a letter to Pompili. “The conditions she’s kept in are neither humane nor acceptable. It is time we offer her a true and comfortable retirement.”

Dumba is a 43-year-old Asian elephant. Like all ‘circus’ elephants, she was kidnapped from her family when she was very young. She has spent her life being forced to perform in circuses.

Cher asked Pompili if she can assist animal welfare organizations One Voice and FAADA in their fight to save Dumba. Both One Voice and FAADA have footage of the mistreatment and suffering of the elephant. Dumba is sick, her feet are hurting her, and it is urgent that she’s released immediately.

One Voice last saw Dumba in January, living on a concrete area in the Gard countryside. The animal was forced to travel between France and Spain, according to One Voice.

Elephant Haven in Limousin has offered to take Dumba in. If Pompili agrees, Cher says they can rescue the elephant from her daily torment within months.

She adds that allowing Dumba not to suffer anymore and live freely at the sanctuary will cost France or Dumba’s owners nothing.

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