Germany kills another 14,000 turkeys after bird flu outbreak

Turkeys, photo: Mikkel Bergmann on Unsplash
Turkeys, photo: Mikkel Bergmann on Unsplash

German authorities started killing 14,000 turkeys after an outbreak of bird flu on a farm in the state of Brandenburg, the government said on Wednesday, adding that this is the third outbreak there in recent weeks.

Type H5N8 bird flu was confirmed in a farm in the Uckermark area, the Brandenburg state government said.

On Sunday, Germany said they would kill 20,000 turkeys on another farm after type H5N8 bird flu was found.

With the bird flu emerging in different European countries, governments are mass killing animals as a solution instead of maybe reconsidering the whole farm industry.

Humans see turkeys mostly as food but they’re individuals with their own characters: only the male ones gobble, they can fly, sleep in trees and their heads can change colors.

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