Beyond Meat and PepsiCo join forces in The PLANeT Partnership

Beyond burgers in trays, © Beyond Meat
Beyond burgers in trays, © Beyond Meat

Multinational PepsiCo and plant-based company Beyond Meat announced an alliance Tuesday to create and market drinks and snacks made from plant-based proteins.

“We are thrilled to formally join forces with PepsiCo in The PLANeT Partnership, a joint venture that unites the tremendous depth and breadth of their distribution and marketing capabilities with our leading innovation in plant-based protein,” Ethan Brown, founder of Beyond Meat, said.

“We look forward to together unlocking new categories and product lines that will inspire positive choices for both peoples and plant,” he continued.

Beyond Meat has been successfully selling burgers and sausages made from plants that look and taste similar to the traditional versions made from animals.

Plant-based diets are better for the planet because plant farming is less damaging to the environment than animal farming.

“Plant-based proteins represent an exciting growth opportunity for us,” PepsiCo chief commercial officer Ram Krishnan said. Krishnan added that the venture was “a new frontier” in efforts to build a more sustainable food system.

PepsiCo brings marketing and global distribution expertise to the alliance, while Beyond Meat has been creating plant-based alternatives to meat since it was founded in 2009.

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