Bolivia floods kill more than 17,000 chickens

More than 17,000 chickens have drowned in the floods in Bolivia on Monday. In Guanay and Tipuani in the La Paz area and Cochabamba, local rivers burst their banks after heavy rains. The chickens died at a farm.

“This is the only (chicken) to be saved. No other has been found alive, all the others are dead,” a woman told a reporter while holding a chicken in her arms.

Streets looked like rivers after the devastating floods swept through residential areas. Residents complained of the lack of assistance from authorities to help those affected by the floods.

When there are floods, humans and animals need help. In November, a dog made headlines when the Mexican navy rescued him after Hurricane Eta hit the country. The labrador was holding on to the balcony of a house with his body half in water.

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