Hundreds of dead birds in Rome streets after New Year’s Eve

Italian Diego Fenicchia was driving in Rome early on New Year’s Day when he saw hundreds of dead birds on the streets. “This is the filth of humans, the fireworks, hundreds of dead birds, hundreds. Hundreds of dead birds on Via Cavour,” he said while filming the birds.

“It’s embarrassing, it’s sad, incredible, incredible, my happiness has already gone away. Look at how many there are, look at them,” Fenicchia said emotionally. Fenicchia filmed the images near a metro station in Via Cavour.

It is unclear exactly how the birds died, but in a post on their Facebook page the International Organization for Animal Protection (OIPA) sai it was because of the fireworks.

The mayor of Rome had forbidden fireworks from December 31 to January 6. But thousands were still set off on New Year’s Eve.

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