More than 2 million chickens slaughtered in Japan after bird flu outbreak

Japan killed 17 million chickens after record bird flu outbreak
Officials in protective suits at a chicken farm where bird flu was detected, Japan, photo: Kyodo / via Reuters

Japan has killed 2.36 million chickens because of the bird flu outbreak in the country. On Thursday, the government ordered two more provinces to kill all chickens at farms.

Officials are concerned the highly pathogenic bird flu could make a “species jump” to humans and causing a pandemic like the novel coronavirus.

All farms in Japan have been ordered to carry out disinfection, check hygiene regimes and install nets to keep out wild birds properly, agriculture ministry officials told Reuters.

The government is calling for extra caution due to the growing number of infections in Japan and Europe.

This bird flu outbreak is the worst Japan has ever experienced and with new farms detecting the virus, they expect the total killing to exceed 2.5 million chicken.

The outbreak started in the Kagawa prefecture on Shikoku island and was most likely brought to Japan by migrating birds from the Asian/European continent.

Japan has suspended chicken imports from seven countries including Germany.

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