Halloween can be scary, but here is what’s horrifying

Black cat, photo by Andréas Brun on Unsplash
Black cat, photo by Andréas Brun on Unsplash

Another Halloween has passed. Even though this year was very different due to COVID-19, it still got celebrated worldwide by dressing up and watching horror movies.

Halloween is a spooky holiday full of fear, magic, mystery and ‘scary’ animals. A lot of people fear spiders and bats, so they’re used a lot in Halloween decorations. Then you have wolves, a very famous Halloween animal because of the werewolf tales.

And black cats are known to be the favorite pets of witches. There’s also a superstition around them that they would bring bad luck. Again, perfect for a good Halloween story.

Since you couldn’t go out this year, one of the main things people did to celebrate was watching a horror movie. People love horror films. They can be about anything thrilling like the paranormal world, vampires, ghosts or, like many, getting chased, kidnapped, tortured and brutally slaughtered by a scary person.

Well, what if I tell you that the last one could be based on a true story that happens every day. See, animals go through getting chased, kidnapped, abused and murdered daily. Their life is a scary movie based on a true story.

They’re tortured and killed so humans can consume meat, dairy, eggs, and wear leather or fur. They go through all this extreme suffering because of humans who demand to eat and wear animal products. And if we keep consuming animal products, animals will keep living in extreme horror, a never-ending Halloween without the fun.

Cows are raped all over the world by humans, so they get pregnant and can produce milk. Their baby will either be killed or have a horrible future in the same industry; either way, the mom and her baby get separated. Like humans, the mom feels the emotional pain of losing a child. She gets traumatized. And all that for a bit of milk.

Pigs are stuck in farrowing crates, unable to move or hug their kids; used only as breeding machines for pork demand. Their babies are removed, fattened and killed, without ever getting to spend time in nature with their family and friends.

Mink who live their entire lives in small cages to get murdered in the worst ways, just to be skinned to produce fur for the fashion industry.

Next Halloween, if you’re looking for a scary movie, look up the movie Dominion. It’s one of the scariest films and it’s based on a true story.

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